Wedding Planning

At Laura Davis & Co., we don't believe in cookie cutter weddings. Your wedding is the most personal event you will ever plan, so it should be infused with your style and personality. 

We work closely with you to design an event that's a reflection of you, paying close attention to all of the little details that elevate a nice event to something truly exceptional.

All of our clients are different, so we don't offer a one-size-fits-all package of services. In fact, we customize the entire experience around you - from how we communicate and manage your planning process, to how we design your event and hand-select your vendor team.

And when we say our entire team is at your disposable, we mean it. Instead of being assigned a single planner as your point of contact, our Creative and Logistics teams work together on every event, allowing us to be more responsive so you can relax and actually enjoy planning your wedding. 

Investment averages $9,500 + 10% of total budget for single-day events (wedding only) and $13,000 + 10% of total budget for multi-day events (wedding + other events, such as shower, rehearsal dinner, etc.)

Ask us how we can create an unrivaled wedding planning experience, uniquely designed for you.